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Darla Callaway

Oh sweet, dear one, life does go on. Your attitude is uplifting in the midst of all the negatives. Before you know it, every wrong will have been made right and you will be snowing up a storm....a snowstorm, that is.


Darla, the negatives make the little steps of progress that we've been able to make that much sweeter! Thank you, thank you for your encouragement. Oh, we can't wait for the snow! But in the meantime, autumn is making us fall in love with aspens even more. Yes, we'll fix it all eventually! :)


I completely understand where you are coming from! We have spent almost $15,000 on repairs to our house in the last two years! So much has gone wrong but in the process we have learnt so much from the experience for the better. My husband now says, its only money in the end. It will all be fixed eventually. I've learnt a great deal about our personality types as well. Learnt how to develop those other traits that will balance me out. And although our savings has taken a hit, we have been surprised at how much we have been able to cut back on, and continue to save despite all the repairs. I could say so much more here - there is no such thing as the perfect house. You have such a beautiful setting that it must bring such peace to your soul (mind you I am a homebody introvert who loves to be surrounded by beauty!).

Bobbie D.

Oh my goodness. You have such a sweet attitude. For a minute as I was reading, I was picturing a scene from "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks. :)


Lucy, I hate that you can identify, but it really is encouraging to know you aren't the only one. We are so happy to be living here, and for quite some time we questioned when/if we'd be able to buy a house here at all, so I guess you just go with it! And you hit the nail on the head - the beauty here calms and restores this homebody introvert as well!


Bobbie D., I just put "The Money Pit" on the top of my Netflix queue. I've never seen it, but it looks like it would be perfect viewing for right now, and I love Tom Hanks! Thank you, sweet Bobbie!


meant to mention that those mushrooms are absolutely crazy! I've never seen a mushroom do that! Incredible.


I eat mushrooms, but something about having one grow up from under your driveway...blech! :)


Bobbie, we watched "The Money Pit" over the weekend! A good and funny reminder that things could always be worse! I love Tom Hanks. :)

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