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Amy at love made my home

Such lovely happies! Your cowl is beautiful, I hope that you love wearing it and that it is nice and snuggly - it looks it! Love the little crafted blocks your daughter made too. xx


Thank you, thank you, Amy! I do love wearing the cowl. I'm finding that I reach for it almost every day! And your sweet compliment on Emma's blocks made her smile. :) I hope you are doing and feeling well! *hugs*


This post made me smile.....and realize how long it's been since I posted anything. I need to get busy. I sure love you! Your precious little family is so sweet. You inspire me! I also decided today to learn to knit, because I absolutely must have one of those scarves! Happy Thanksgiving!


I totally understand, Darla...some weeks it is so hard to get a post up! It has been SO nice not to have to focus on school this week! It is making me already look forward to next summer. :b Love you, too! Your sweet words are so encouraging. Thank you for that! And, yes, learn to knit! You might discover that it is actually possible to fall in love with a ball of yarn...or maybe that's just geeky ol' me?! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :)


The cowl looks amazing! Doing a puzzle over the holidays sounds like a fantastic idea!


gorgeous!!!And I love your vintage looking fabrics....they will make an amazing quilt!!


Thank you, DeliaKnits! Those puzzles always turn into a family affair! :)


Thank you so much, Alisa! I can't wait to add more fabrics to that stash! :)

Amy at love made my home

I am feeling better thank you Lisa, things are middling, but clearer (not a very good explanation!) xx


Wow, knitting, fabric, puzzles and crafts. All favorites of mine too. The cowl is beautiful and I am so jealous of that gorgeous fabric. So vintage looking. I can't wait to see the quilt you are going to make from it.


I'm so glad you visited, CathieJ! I love meeting Kindred Spirits online! I enjoyed seeing your projects over on your blog! :)

Melanie Schwemer

"LIS" and "EM"....ohmygaggghhh! That was THE SWEETEST. Ending. Ever. Miss you and I absolutely treasure getting to read the updates on your family. I love that I know the face and voice behind the author. When I read the entries, I always know exactly how they are being narrated.


Oh, Melanie! It's SO good to hear from you! And I love it that when I read your comment, I read it in YOUR voice! :) I miss you so much. I would love, love, love a Girls' Night Out at Carrabba's with you and The Girlfriends. Hopefully before the winter is out. Big love and hugs to you, Mel! :)

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