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Amy at love made my home

The nutcrackers are beautiful, and how lovely to have packages to open before Christmas! Hope that the recipients of your packages love them! xx


What a wonderful box of goodies you received; and thanks for sharing the yummy looking recipe, Lisa. I have all the ingredients and am going to go try it out after I finish typing to you :) My oldest daughter, her four little daughters and I went to the post office yesterday to send off our packages...a fun adventure! Merry Christmas! xx


Amy, it is fun to open a gift before Christmas and not feel guilty about it! The kids were beside themselves! :)


Gracie, it was so nice to sit back and enjoy a quiet movie night in the midst of the busyness of these days. I hope you enjoy the pecans! You'll have to tell me how they turned out. Merry Christmas to you! :)


Hopped over from Gracie's to check out your pecan recipe ... thanks so much for sharing it!

I see your husband roasts coffee at home - so does mine. Very small batches, and he loves to experiment with different methods - usually he uses popcorn poppers but has also had great results with a heat gun and a metal bowl. He gets such a kick out of it, and his conversation is full of mystical phrases like "black and tan" and "full city" and "second crack". :)

What a great gift package, and how nice to be commanded to open it early.


Hi, Sue! So glad you visited! "Second crack". That's awesome! Yes, I've gotten fairly good at learning the lingo, too. The heat gun and metal bowl method is a new one to me. Very cool. John started with a cast iron skillet on the grill with a lid that he modified with a stirrer (a wooden spoon!). He now uses an RK Drum that he hooked up to a gas-powered grill. He likes this because he can roast more coffee at a time. Would you believe I'm not a coffee drinker? The Anglophile in me insists on tea. Haha! Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the pecans. Merry Christmas! :)

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