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Amy at love made my home

Oh try as I might I cannot imagine what it is like being out in snow and weather this cold! Hope that you are enjoying it though and that it is as good as you hoped. xx


You have written a beautiful essay, Lisa. And I have been "there" even though I have never gathered the words and photos to tell anyone about it as you have masterfully done. [the "sweesh!", "sweesh!" part prompted me to chuckle, and I am smiling at you now as I type to you] I have been wearing the hood cowl I crocheted last winter even though our temperature here only got down to 9F for a few hours. I am amazed how it helps me feel warm!
Thanks for posting :-) xx


Amy, I couldn't imagine it before myself! I am from Houston where it is crazy hot and humid! :)


Thank you, Gracie! I thought twice about writing about the *sweeshes*, but then I thought, "Surely I'm not the only girl to think about this!" Yes, I'm a firm believer in the cowl now. I'm going to have to knit another, I think. :)


Your pictures are beautiful. WOW, it is cold there. It is cold here but beautiful snow. The North wind is blowing again which makes it colder.
Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season my dear.
Merry Christmas


Reading about your walk makes me want to venture out into the sub-zero, just to feel the awe you've described so beautifully. It's not quite so cold here in Southern Ontario, only about -11C, but still bracing. Definitely hot cocoa weather! It's a treat to see your photos, too. The second one, of the barn, looks like painting to me. So lovely. :)


Donna, I have been surprised at how cold it has gotten in Texas this season! John and I were talking about how different the cold feels there versus here. If it's going to be cold, I want some snow to go with it! :) Hope you are staying warm, Friend, and Merry Christmas to you! :)


Amazing photos, brrrrrrr that lust be cold but magical! Lovely to have visited, Merry Christmas. Catherine x


Thank you so much, Christie! I had noticed the British spelling of "favourite" on one of your journal pages and wondered if you were in England or Canada. :) So you totally understand what I am experiencing for the first time here, eh? ;)


Thank you so much for visiting, Catherine! I just hopped over to your blog, and oh my goodness, it's the sweetest! I look forward to browsing through it very soon. I love your illustrations and that sweet felt bunny ornament. (I have a thing for bunnies.) Merry Christmas to you! :)


Gimme your address, girlfriend! (Seriously. Please. Kay?) xo k

Amy at love made my home

Wow, quite a change in weather from Houston then!! They don't see a lot of snow there...


No, they sure don't, Amy! That's why we feel like throwing a party every time it snows! Haha! :)

Bobbie D.

Beautiful pics. You would not believe the ice we had here in Ovilla TX. It was so cold. But not like where you are. :)


Hi, Bobbie! My sister-in-law posted some pictures of their ice-covered trees near Dallas, and you're right...I couldn't believe it! We never saw anything like that in Houston, for sure. It really is true what they say about a wet cold versus a dry cold. That humid, icy, wet cold is brutal! Please don't be mad at me for wanting to stay in the dry, snowy cold. At least I can layer up, and not have to deal with the wind! Merry, Merry Christmas, Bobbie! *hugs* :)

Bobbie D.

Merry Christmas and many blessings!! Hugs right back!! :)

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