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Amy at love made my home

I am so sorry that you were homesick over Christmas, but what wonderful gifts you received, especially the tag, what a wonderful surprise and how thoughtful. You will treasure it I am sure. Hope that you are feeling less homesick now and that you have a great year ahead. xx


Aw, thank you, Sweet Amy! Yes, I am feeling much better now. You are so right...I did receive some special gifts, and I do so treasure that gift tag! *hugs* :)


Lisa! knowing some of your wonderful prompts for feeling happy leaves me feeling happy, too :) Homesickness, is no fun as I remember from my times of feeling homesick. I'm glad you are feeling better now, and I am so glad you are sharing your skills and artistry through your blog. You inspire me! Thanks! xx


So sweet, Gracie. Much love to you, Friend! :)


Oh that book is wonderful, you have to frame it. I hope you are well over your homesickness. I always think Christmas is one of the worst times for it.
Love the hat. I haven't made one before but must have a go.
I hope you have lots more 'happy's' this week.

Gretchen R

Gorgeous pictures, and that hat!!! What a gorgeous pattern, and I love the huge pom pom.


Yes, Debby, Christmas was very different not being near our family and friends. Maybe next year we visit in early December and get back here to the mountains for a White Christmas? Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for visiting! :)


What a great gift to receive! I love her book 'S is for Stitch' although I am quite behind on it and this week hope to get caught up again.

I hear you greatly about the homesickness. I struggle with the constant momentum forward of my life and feeling the memories I have become distant as I move to another place and stage in my life. Often, those little insignificant things that connect us to other times and places carry great weight. In the end I always marvel at the new wonderful memories and discoveries I make in new places.


Yay for yarn toys :-D. Sweetest list ever! And I love your woodland Christmas tree!!!


Thank you, thank you, Gretchen! The pattern was really fun to knit. Makes me want to make the matching cowl! Too bad the cowl doesn't call for a pom-pom. ;)


Lucy, 'S is for Stitch' is so cute, isn't it?! I admire that you are stitching your way through it. Embroidery isn't my best craft, but I do enjoy it and the patterns are always so sweet. And well said with regards to the homesickness. It is the seemingly insignificant things that hold so much sentiment, I think. Such joy to know that we are making new memories in the here and now! *hugs* :)


Crazy Sheep Lady (coolest name ever!), yes, I'm loving those yarn toys! My daughter and I seem to fight over how gets to wind the next ball of yarn. :)

Bobbie D.

Hi Lisa, sorry you were homesick. Love the pics and that hat, soooo cute.


Emma's book is the best! Congrats on having such a talented daughter. And I love the cabled hat. Gorgeous.

I have the same yarn winder -- really necessary when doing the big skeins I prefer (hate tucking in ends) ...


Hi Lisa! Have you tried The Natural Grocers? I think they have one in Steamboat. It's a great place to buy nuts and all kinds of other hard to find baking/cooking ingredients- reasonably priced too :)


Thank you, Mary! I am LOVING that yarn winder so much. :)


Bobbie, thank you, fellow Texan! I am good now, but still missing those pecans! Have a few for me when they start showing up again! :)


Megan, I didn't think of The Natural Grocers! Yes, we do have one here. I will definitely give them a try. Thank you for your suggestion! :)

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