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Sorry for the Broncos...happy for the Seahawks :) I loved seeing your robins, granola, Valentine's treats, and the little girl delighting in the rain. And now I am excited too, since you told me about Jan Karon's new book! xx

Amy at love made my home

Lovely happies!! Not the point I know, but I love your oats tin!! xx


I love the quote in number 5! And the ladybug lollipops! Oh and the red robins - yes a telephoto lens would be brilliant. Got to love the fact that you saw a baby owl right outside your window. What delights in the middle of a cold winter. Wonderful read this morning!


Gracie, yes, I bet you and your PNW friends were thrilled for the Super Bowl win! They certainly deserved the win! And don't you just love Mitford?! :)


Amy, every time I pull that oats tin out, the kids say, "Tell us again about your magic cookie tin." Happy memories! :)


Lucy, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the little owl! So fluffy! We are starting to see more little birds around and the foxes are around the house more. It makes me wonder if they are signaling the beginning of the end of winter? Hope you are well, Friend! :)

Connie Stewart

You can't enjoy the rainbow without the storm...Love your postings! You have a magical way of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!


Thank you, Connie! Love you so much! :)


Yay - new Karon novel :-D. I hadn't heard!

Beautiful blog!


Yes, great news for sure, Crazy Sheep Lady! And thank you for your kind words! I love seeing all of your sheep pictures on your blog. I went to New Zealand years ago and fell in love with all those gorgeous sheep dotted all over the hills! *hugs*

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