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Maria Wright

We have 3 of the Settlers of Catan games... Great fun, but LONG! You have to invest some time. Over the Christmas break, we played 2 5-hour long games of Cities and Knights! Now, that's with 4 people. The original Settlers (which you have to have first before you can play any variations) is not as long. GREAT games! (Also a vote for Ticket Europe!)


Good to know on The Settlers of Catan, Maria! I think the boys would stick with it, but not Emma. And that's another vote for Ticket - Europe! Thanks! :)


Fantastic :-D. So lucky you are!


Yes, Crazy Sheep Lady, for sure! I am hoping that these visits from Mr. Fox mean that we will see some black bears once all the snow thaws. I'll watch them from inside, as well! :)


That fox is stunning! What an amazing experience. My boys would be beside themselves with excitement if they saw that fox in our backyard! We had an opossum come up to our doorstep early this week and I had never seen one before so I didn't know what it was! My 6 year old casually said "oh, thats an opossum". Me being the city girl looked at it and thought it was a giant rat :)


Oh, Lucy, you made me laugh! But I can identify! I feel like such a kid when these new little experiences come. I am just as giddy and awe-struck as the kids! And in my humble opinion, opossums DO look like giant rats! ;)


Oh my goodness, Defenders of Catan is super fun! We have the three expansion packs, I am sure you will all like it! {I was actually going to put it in my 52 Weeks of happy today, (before I saw this post) but I never got a picture of it. Maybe next week! =)


Ooo! Thanks for the game suggestion, Caroline! Yes, please, post a pic if you play again this week!

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