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Amy at love made my home

Molly is just beautiful!!!!!!!! I hope that you have lots and lots of happy times together. Love the hot air balloon pictures as well - beautiful! xx


Awwww, so glad you got her! So sweet!


Thank you, Amy! We are already having so much fun with her! :)


She is so sweet, Susan! And thank you for your sweet comment! :)


Aww Molly's such a cutie, wonderful images of the hot air ballon.

Bobbie D.

Oh my goodness!!! So sweet. Is she going to be a big dog? Judging by the size of the water dish, I kinda thought she might get big. Not familiar with that breed at all. So precious.


Thanks, Clare! Hope you are doing and feeling well, Friend! :)


Bobbie, isn't she just?! An average female Airedale is 22-23 inches tall and weighs 50-55 pounds. Not huge, not small. Just right. :)


Molly is precious! She surely is a wonderful addition to your family, Lisa. Please give her lots of love pats from me. Your photos of the sky-snow-mountains-balloon make my heart soar. Wishing you comfort and blessings xx

Annie @ knitsofacto

Oh my! She is adorable!! What fun you are all going to have :)

I just found you via Gillian at Tales from a Happy House, and what a treat for this dog loving Brit. (We live with 5 whippets and a mini wire haired dachshund ... nuff said?) I'll be back to follow Molly's adventures!


Gracie, she is a delight, for sure! I've never had a dog that loves to snuggle as much as she does. She will gladly take your love pats! :)


Annie, I'm so glad you stopped by! A dog loving Brit...I love that! You have the most beautiful blog. I am so looking forward to visiting often to be inspired.

Bobbie D.

So funny at first, you said here's Molly and then two pics of a hot air balloon. I thought no way, they are bringing her in a hot air balloon? Wow that's some service. :)


She's absolutely adorable. I remember my great auntie had an Airedale when I was little, they are lovely dogs. I hope you're all very happy together.


Haha, Bobbie! I love it! :) *hugs*


Thank you so much, CJ. I have read more people say that they have very sweet memories of an Airedale pet from their childhood. :)

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