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Oh I love your moment of happy! That was so sweet. I understand the houseplant thing. Most of my friends up north here keep lots of plants too. Your sweater with the mismatched buttons is perfect. I love that you let her choose the button fabric. 'Blessings

Amy at love made my home

Forgot to say, I love your new header photo too! xx


I recently tried stippling for the first time and well lets say, I have a long way to go! Yours looks amazing though. I think I might pick up some quilting gloves. The simple fresh flowers are just my style :)


I love reading your happy stories! The mismatched buttons are such fun and they turned out beautifully. I also look forward to reading more about your fmq adventures. I'm not a quilter, but I'm always trying to teach myself new skills (often in new and unintended ways) so it's really motivating to watch you approach this new challenge with such a positive attitude. :)


Betsy, I love seeing Emma's choices! She is definitely a girl who knows what she likes! *hugs* :)


Thank you, Amy! Enjoying spring indoors though I can't yet enjoy it outdoors. :)


Lucy, practicing at the quilt shop was a big help, although it did make me nervous to have the Brother Lady watching over my shoulder! :b I have a pair of those gloves, and I really like them. The flowers are REALLY "happy" today...3 fresh inches of snow this morning!


Christie! I was just thinking about you this week as the kids were journaling! (How do you like being the "Journal Lady"?) Thank you for your encouragement on the FMQ-ing. My positive attitude took 3 years to develop! Haha! I was scared to mess a quilt top up, so I procrastinated. When I finally decided to try it,...that's when I discovered my machine's quirks. Oh well, no time like the present, yes?! *hugs* :)


I wish Bulle came in a Bulle Grande! I love it! (great choice of buttons.)


Those *are* moments of happy! Thanks for sharing :) I got a good dose of vitamin D myself yesterday, it was much needed. Especially with today's blizzard, lol!


Steph, look up "Lady Bulle" on Ravelry! I want one. Like really badly. :)


Yes, Amanda, more snow here, too! I have discovered since moving here how much I love sunshine! :)


Lovely photos, I love your Bulle. The buttons are just perfect, great fabric choice


Thank you so much, Evelyn! She is enjoying it (which makes me happy), and I'm always impressed with the things she chooses. Thanks for visiting! :)


Thank you for stopping by my little corner the other day. I'm happy to come visit you. The dress is adorable...as is the model! :) I love the buttons and the band along the bottom edge. Love your bouquet of flowers too...I like keeping some fresh posies around as well since we haven't seen green since November either. I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog.


I love that red sweater and the beautiful buttons. The picture of the chair facing the snow is fantastic! Enjoy your happy moments.


Emily, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love seeing all that you are doing in your "old" farmhouse. Your pictures are so inspiring! :)


Thank you, Cathie! Trying to enjoy this snow before it all melts and turns everything to mud! *hugs* :)


So many lovely happy things. I can't believe how much snow you've had. x


Emma's sweater is gorgeous. I love Sew Contempo. I drive over an 1 and a 1/2 hours to go there for all my sewing machine needs. They are great.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment my dear.


Thank you, Sweet Gillian! It snowed almost all day yesterday again. Perhaps it will start looking like "spring" some time in May??? *hugs* :)


Aw, Donna, I love that you know Sew Contempo! I really miss not having a large fabric store that I can go to here. So glad for your shop! :)


This is such a great dress! And I especially love all of Emma's yarn and fabric choices!


Zauberflink, this dress has already been worn quite a bit. A great pattern. And I agree with you...I think Emma does a better job than I most of time at making fashion decisions! ;)


Lisa, I am so happy to have come across your site. I own a Brother PC8500 and used it mainly for embroidery. I recently started using it for sewing and when I attempted to use it for quilting I went through the same steps as you did and thankfully I came upon your site with instructions. Do you remember the name of the "Brother Lady" at Sew Contempo? Things have changed since AllBrands took over. I hope she is still there.

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