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Amy at love made my home

It looks as though you have been having lots of fun. I love the idea of grilling in the snow!! I also love grilled asparagus - and peppers and courgettes and aubergine too! - translation, bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant! Hope that you keep enjoying playtime with Molly!!! xx


Amy, I am pleased as punch that I actually knew what peppers and courgettes and aubergine were even without your translation! Yay! I do know some of the Queen's English! ;) *Hugs*

Liz Hester

Lisa, I love love love these pictures of your beautiful kids, cute pup and John...one thing I can see in John's smile is contentment...you must be doing something right...and the cake regardless of how it turned out still made my mouth water :) So what's a person got to do to make reservations at the Drake hacienda...looks like y'all truly are having fun...52 weeks of happy is a joy to behold! Love you sweet girl, Liz


Aw, thank you so much, Dear Friend! Your encouragement means so much to me! Once the bunk room is built (by July, fingers crossed), Drake Hacienda expects to see you and Terry (and kids and grands, too) up here for a visit. *Hugs and love to you and yours* :)


We grill all winter long here in Spokane. We have a cover over our deck so it's not so bad, it just takes longer for the grill to heat and you have to close the lid quick.
Love the pictures of your family and the cake too! I had issues with altitude when we first moved here but seem to have the hang of it now.


Molly is adorable. (I am very broody for a puppy.) I really love your photos, you capture so much of family life here, and your cheeseburgers and red velvet cake look so good. I was humming Everything is Awesome for at least a week after watching the Lego movie too. x


We grill too in the winter as much as possible but the snow this year kept those times rare. Now that buds are finally swelling on branches and color is popping up in the flower beds, we are turning almost exclusively to our grilling menu!


Glad to know that altitude issues can be conquered, Betsy! *hugs* :)


Gillian, I bet your little ones would adore a puppy, too, yes? Now, if only the little ones could be in charge of the house training! ;)


Enjoy those buds and colors! I can't wait to see them here! :)


are a beautiful family.


Yum that sounds so good. Everyone should grill in the snow, what fun. Happy birthday to your boys. You have a beautiful family.


"Sex and the City" is probably much to mature for your little one, but there is this one episode where Carrie says that her favorite flowers are carnations--just carnations with no filler flowers. Her boyfriend-of-the-moment buys her a pink bouquet of them, and I've always thought it was such a pretty idea.

Bobbie D.

Only a Texan would be grilling outdoors in the snow. HeHe.


Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Hawk! :)


Thank you, Donna! You are right...everyone should grill in the snow, but so far, we seem to be the only ones in the neighborhood firing ours up! *hugs* :)


Oh, Meryl, I love that! If Carrie likes carnations, they must not be so bad, right? ;)


Bobbie, I think you are right! It's in our blood! Haha! *hugs* :)

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