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Snow lovely snow thanks for sharing


I must admit you've made me appreciate the mounds of snow around our house a "little" more. I'm very tired of winter and ready for spring to arrive. We have another 8-12 inches expected in tne next two days. The snowblower is acting up and I don't want to shovel. I'm waiting for the green. But then again, in my 54 years, I've never lived anywhere that didn't have snow and I would love to experience a winter like that. Your pictures are spectacular though and very beautiful.

Cheryl Hawkins

I just love this - I can just feel each snow. Almost makes ME want a mountain winter and I'm a bonafide beach girl!


Lisa, your posts are so lovely. Your photos and narrative in this post are a delightful celebration of the beauty of snow. I had to chuckle when I read Betsy's comment above. Although she lives in Spokane, WA, and I live near Portland, OR, we have actually met and visited back and forth, and I KNOW she is not very fond of snow. The fact that she typed to you that you have helped her appreciate the mounds of snow around her is high praise in deed :) When it snows my daughters and I often burst out with the snow song from White Christmas! I'm so glad you are enjoying your white world...God really does such good work, doesn't he. xx


Thank you so much, Clare! I'm so glad you visited! *hugs* :)


Aw, thank you, Betsy! I guess the real question is whether or not I will still be in awe of all this snow years and years from now. ;) Today I went outside, and the sun was shining...such a tease for spring! We're getting close, right?! Hang on, Betsy, we're almost there! Haha! *hugs* :)


Cheryl, if you and Bill ever decide you want a mountain winter, you have a place to stay! Wouldn't that be fun?! Love and hugs! :)


Oh, yes, Gracie...God does the best work! I love that I am getting to know you and Betsy through our blogs. The sweetest benefit of blogging, for sure!


Best. snowflake. picture. ever.


Crazy Sheep Lady, you are the sweetest! *hugs* :)

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