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It's stunning. What a wonderful gift for your friends! :)


I have already started the fabric selection and the cutting of squares. My selection of fabric has not included the fabirc "motifs" you have used rather some that have "movement". Thank you for the inspiration.


There are so many of us that have moved to other states, it would be fun to figure out some kind of swap (?) or roundabout (?) or something that we could all make a lap quilt together and have a piece from everyone!


Wow, this is a work of art! The thought and time that has gone into it is truly wonderful. What a beautiful gift. x

katie metzroth

That is gorgeous and amazing! lovely story too! well done!


love it!! one of my favorite things ever is the quilt my friends made for my wedding.. each one made a square with something from a memory of us and embroidered their name on it. those kind of gifts are just priceless. ~ you're quite the seamstress. wish i had stuck to those homeschool sewing lessons i took with tracey collins {biddle} one year! ;))

Amy at love made my home

Hi there, I was sure that I left you a comment! However, let me just say stunning, stunning, stunning and what a fabulous gift!! Hope that this comment sticks and that you have a good week! xx

Angelia Messina

This is going to be a Christmas gift to my husband. We are long time Texan's and this is perfect!!!


Wow!!!! What a beautiful quilt!


How long ago did I ask for information on making this quilt? I can't remember but, I know you were so gracious on sharing information. Update on what I have done. Since I am working on this on random times, I now have my White section together, I am not placing the squares with a lot of forthought, just what I feel looks good at them moment. Between myself and the lovely ladies at my local quilt shop, we have had so much fun in selecting fabric. Have the reds all cut and will start that section this week-- IF life allows the time.



Hi, Irene! I LOVE that you sent me an update! It's been over three weeks. You are clipping along! I have a different quilt with red and blue and white fabrics to make, and all I keep thinking is, "Yay! Scraps for more Texas Flag Quilts!" :)


Thank you so much, Sue! :)


Maria, I am totally game! Message me if you want to do this! :)


Thank you, Gillian! Quilting fabric is such beautiful art to me. :)


Thank you, Katie! Thank you for visiting! :)


Your quilt sounds amazing, Amber! Such a thoughtful gift. And, oh my goodness,I can only imagine you and Tracy in a sewing class together. That must have been so fun! I would have LOVED being in class with y'all! I love you two! :)


Thank you for your sweet comment, Amy! You know, you probably did leave a comment, but Typepad was having difficulties for several days. I'm so glad you tried again! *hugs* :)


Angelia, I LOVE this! I hope you enjoy making the quilt! Thank you so much for visiting! :)


Thank you, dear Emily! *hugs* :)


Just finished the "rough" cut of the star from the "white" fabric. Too many things to do today so, when get back to the star tomorrow.

A Little Blue Dragonfly

That's so great, Irene! The star is my favorite part of the quilt. :)


Update (long time comig, I know ) I am almost finished! Just need to to cut the border and attach. I have received many compliments (even unfinished!).. Have a good friend who said her daughter in law would love a lap throw but she didn't think she would have time. So, silly me, I have enough red for the lap and some extra of the other colors so I guess I'll be taking the plunge and make the top for her. The Texas heat must have already gotten to me and it isn't even July!


Irene, please forgive my delayed reply! I have loved getting updates from you! And how sweet are you to make a top for your friend?! I end up volunteering for things like that, too. :) Hope you are staying cool! *hugs*

Sharon Ringler

I have a question about the star. How did you keep the edges from fraying? My husband and I love this quilt. We want to make this but I am new to this and want to make sure I understand what I'm doing. Thanks for the great information on this page.


Thank you for your question, Sharon. :) There are many different methods to applique, and I chose the short, sweet, and simple way, because I was on a time crunch and I knew that the gift recepient wouldn't mind a little fraying after laundering...it is in keeping with a rustic Texas feel provided you keep the frayed edges trimmed nicely. However, if you prefer a cleaner finish, I am adding links to a couple of applique tutorials for you. There is no right or wrong way to applique...just which ever finish you prefer. Thanks again for your question and for visiting, Sharon! Hope this helps! :)

Applique with a zigzag edge:

Applique with a turned edge: http://www.connectingthreads.com/tutorials/Applique-Turned_Edge_Prep__D48.html

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