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Lisa,dear, I'm pretty sure that I have beaten you in the worst blogger category. I don't think I've posted anything since last October. Totally shameful, but I certainly have lots of material as soon as I have the time. Love reading about your sweet life!


Well you made up for no recent blogs today! This one was lovely. Life is first and foremost. Especially with children and a puppy. :-). We'll be here waiting when you have time for us. Snow fell at our place last weekend. Springtime in the mountains is unpredictable at best.


I love your blog - and as far as categories go, to me it is like a 'moving picture' of beautiful family life in the Rockies. You write much to inspire on many levels. I've thought the same about my blog and in the end it always comes down to Philippians 4:8. That is my 'theme' so to speak.

Amy at love made my home

You are NOT the worst blogger in history!!! You are just a very very busy lady! Everything in life comes and goes at different times and different speeds and right now life is running you so fast you can't do it all - much as you might like to Lisa! It is great to hear from you whenever you can post and whatever you post about. I hope that the house renovations are going well and that the school tests produce wonderful results even if they are another chore. Hope that you have a good weekend and that life slows down a little for you sometime soon. xx


Aw, Darla! It's hard to find the time to post these days, isn't it? Whenever you do post, I'll be reading. :)


Sweet Betsy. Your understanding and kindness are very appreciated. And this, "Springtime in the mountains is unpredictable at best." Yes, yes! *hugs*


Lucy, as always, you have the most wonderful way with words. And your blog is a beautiful reflection of Phil. 4:8!


You are too sweet, Amy. :) Your friendship is such a bright spot on this blog to me!

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