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Amy at love made my home

It is lovely to catch up with what you are doing. My eyes were deceiving me I thought when I saw that snow, it is amazing that you are still getting such weather in May it seems to me, but I guess that it is perfectly normal for you! Love the new sink - a great compromise. Hope that mud season doesn't last too long and that you can get on to summer very soon. xx

tasha m

Gray tape should be in every home. Love the farmhouse modern sheik sink, almost makes me want to wash those dishes...


Hi Lisa! I just caught up on some of your posts and enjoyed them all so much.! Last week friends from back East came for a visit and I got to tromp on some snow around Crater Lake in southern Oregon, but here near Portland today it is supposed to be in the high 80s!!!!!! We are having a very unusual Spring. Please send John to replace my kitchen sink as he did yours. You two came up with a perfect compromise :) I have seen one hummer visit my geraniums so far. My friends went through Colorado on the way back East. They loved Rocky Mountain National Park but were saddened by the flood damage they saw along the front range. Blessings to you and yours, and thanks for posting! xx


Amy, yes, this appears to be our new "normal"! It's a good thing that we don't mind...it's going to make summer days all the sweeter! *hugs* :)


Tasha, is it still weird to you that you and I are making grown up decisions like which sink to buy??? Seems just like yesterday that we were making big decisions like which hair mousse to buy. Haha! :)


Oh, Gracie, I wish we lived close enough that I could send John over to replace your kitchen sink! How much fun we would have! I haven't seen the flood damage in person myself, but the pictures I've seen should do tell the story. High 80s! Do stay cool, sweet friend! :)

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