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Amy at love made my home

So lovely to read these things about you Lisa, wow, one of 11, your house must have been a very busy place growing up, but lots of fun I expect too. Glad that you like English accents, because that is what I have (obviously!), so when you read my blog you can imagine it in your best English voice! I am with you on a lot of your dislikes, especially the Texas Roaches, I remember them and they are horrible - horrible horrible horrible horrible in fact!!! Hope that you have a good (and roach free!) weekend. xx


Oh, Amy, they ARE horrible!!! You know what's great? We don't have them in Colorado!!! Yay! And I will totally read your blog in an English accent! Haha! My little Emma does a pretty good one herself, because of watching her favorite cartoon, "Charlie & Lola"! :) *hugs*


So delightful to get to know you a bit better, Lisa! Over 40 years ago when I was standing before the judge of our Missouri state music contest, the lyrics of my vocal solo vanished from my mind. The judge told me to start again. Again the lyrics vanished. The judge told me to go look at the lyrics on the sheet music then start again. I sang two pieces and was totally stunned when he gave me a first place rating :) xx

Karen Hoaglin

I think you're precious and I miss seeing you every week in Singers. You sound happy and I am thankful for that. :)


What a great story, Gracie! I love it! That judge knew something about grace, and you evidently have a beautiful voice. :)


Oh, Karen, the feeling is mutual! I miss you, too, and your wonderful hugs! I am so thankful for the chance we have to be here. Thank you so much for commenting! :)


I loved reading your list, Lisa! Thank you for sharing and letting us get to know you a little bit more. I am the second eldest of 10 children and now have 10 children of my own, and I hate losing that hour of sleep for Daylight Savings time too. Have a great day!


Emily, I didn't realize that you came from a large family as well! I bet we could share some similar stories, yes?! :) *hugs*

Bobbie D.

Hi Lisa
Wow one of 11. I am second to the oldest of five kids. I always felt a little out of place where I grew up in NC. Every other family only had one or two kids. But we were never lonely. Thanks for sharing.

And I third those Texas roaches.Icky!!!


Bobbie, I totally understand! People were always shocked to hear how large our family was. Ugh, and those roaches. I mean, just the worst!!!

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