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Cyndi T

This is so beaitiful! I've ALWAYS wanted to learn how to make a quilt! One day... I love the story too, thank God for Besties and Tex-Mex!


Thank you, Cyndi! (I still catch myself wanting to call you "Cisa"!) Bane would be irresistible snuggled up in a quilt made by you. And, yes, God really knew what He was doing when He created Besties and Tex-Mex! Love you! :)

Lady Lilith

Nice quilts. The colors and patterns are beautiful.

Cheryl Hawkins

Wow - gorgeous quilt! And aren't "besties" one of the best gifts we've been given? Girlfriend therapy is cheap and most effective...haha. And tex-mex - well, we know how we all feel about that.

Amy at love made my home

Such a beautiful story and such a beautiful quilt for your bestie, who is obviously as wonderful as you are! I am sure that she will love it and wrap up and think of your arms wrapping around her in a big hug! Glad that you are getting through your 20 WIP's!! xx


Thank you so much, Lady Lilith! I have a slight addiction to quilting fabric. ;)


Thanks, Cheryl! Girlfriend therapy...love it! Need it! And, yes, the same CAN be said for Tex-Mex! *hugs* :)


Oh, so sweet, Amy! Thank you!!! :)


It's lovely, and so is your post. :)

Liz Hester

This is such a beautiful quilt but I think the story rates right up there with the quilt...you have many gifts, Lisa, and one of them is the ability to bring others into the rich world with which God has blessed you...such a lovely part of your story! What a blessing to read! XOXOXOX


Thank you, thank you, Sue! :)


Thank you so very much, Liz! Your kindness and encouragement mean so much to me. So grateful that you are a part of my story as well! *hugs* :)

Darla callaway

This post made me tear up. Partly because I know you and partly because I know Stephanie. You are both such beautiful souls. The quilt is so lovely. I am about to embark on my first quilt made out of vintage sheets for my new daughter in law. I'm a little intimidated, but I figured if I can learn to crochet, I can learn to quilt. Love you, dear one!


Big hugs, Darla! Thank you so much. What a sweet and treasured gift for your newest daughter. She will LOVE it! And vintage sheets will make it all the more dreamy, I think. :) I was intimidated at first, too, but I find quilting to be easier than sewing. Please post pics! And I love you, too, dear friend!


beautiful quilts
Clare x


This is such a beautiful gift! She will feel close to you whenever wrapping up in it :-)


Thank you so much, Sweet Clare! I hope you doing well! *hugs* :)


I do so hope that she does, Zauberflink! Thank you! :)


That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!


Oh my dear Lisa! I'm speechless! Such a beautiful blog from the most beautiful blogger! I'm wrapped in it now, feeling overwhelmed by His love and yours.
*However, I will have to come after you for making me cry on my brand new beautiful quilt!


Oh, Crazy Sheep Lady, now I KNOW that you're crazy! Hahaha! ;) You get to see those beautiful little sheepies and lambs! But more than anything, you are the sweetest! *hugs* :)


Hmm...okay, Stephanie, deal! You come after me for making you cry...IN STEAMBOAT!!! Yes???!!! Haha! :)


Lisa! This post is beautiful in every way...your story typing, the quilt, your photography. I appreciate your giftedness. Thanks for posting. xx


Thank you so much, Sweet Gracie! I so appreciate you, too! *hugs* :)

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