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Lisa - these are beautiful. I kept trying to comment while I was away in response to your posts but for some reason the comments never went through. Got back on Tuesday and getting over jet lag!

My youngest loved your picture with the Beatrix Potter books. He absolutely loves them. I think that I will have to invest in the proper set.

Love the Mark Twain quote too!

Bobbie D.

I just love your pics. Wow Molly is growing! :)

Amy at love made my home

Wow, I hope that you are on to the sunshine and flowers stage now and not still stuck with that snow!! You certainly have many different kinds of weather - and probably sometimes all in one day! xx


Lucy, so glad you made it back safely, and I hope it was a wonderful trip! You know, I had trouble replying to comments, as well. I'm wondering if it was a Typepad problem?

Yes, love Beatrix Potter! I want to finish collecting that set, and I found that amazon.com has all of the little books. They are beautiful!

Hope you are good and over your jet lag...that is no fun! *hugs* :)


Yes, Bobbie, she is! I can't pick her up easily and snuggle any more. :( But I still get lots of puppy kisses and tail wags, so it's all good! *hugs* :)


Amy, would you believe I woke up to ICE on our deck this morning?! It was in the 30's F last night! Isn't this June??? But, the sun is now gloriously shining, the birds are singing, and there is no chance of rain in the forecast...perfect! *hugs* :)


The Twain quote is perfect along with your beautiful photos, Lisa. We have been having a wonderful stretch of warm sunny weather...earlier than any of the seven other years I have lived in Oregon...a delightful surprise :) Blessings to you and yours... xx


Such wonderful photo's, and a great quote, I love the Spring, Summers already upon us here in the UK


So wonderful, Gracie! Glad you are enjoying a beautiful season there in Oregon. It feels amazing to walk outside in short sleeves...I almost forgot what that was like! :)


Thank you, Sweet Clare! Mark Twain usually has a good quote for just about anything. ;) It still feels like spring here. I'm guessing summer is just around the corner for us. Hope you are enjoying yours! *hugs* :)


I can't believe you still have snow on the ground! Is it usually that cold? Or are they older photos from earlier int the year. I associate the daffodils with March and April - here, we are entering summer now, although given that this is the UK we can expect a very random and mixed bag of weather here too!


Gillian, thank you for the question! The spring snowstorm pictured above happened at the end of April. I have learned this spring that we don't get what everyone else thinks of as "spring" until June! Big adjustment for me. Now I associate snow, mud, and little sprouts of green with the spring months. We were told not to plant anything in the ground until after Memorial Day (last week of May), because of the ground still being frozen. Three mornings ago, we woke up to freezing temps and ice covering our wooden deck! "Summer" will come in July and August! It really is different from what I am used to! *hugs* :)

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