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It's going to be difficult to change the sheets on those top bunks. Believe me I know we had bunk beds for our kids and it was always a nightmare to get up on that top bunk and try to wrangle the sheets on or off.

Amy at love made my home

They are fantastic Lisa!!! John is a marvel, and way better at this sort of thing than Tim would have been!! Although I did love Tim!! I really like how the ladder/steps worked out and the cubbies for guests. Hope that you have fun shopping for the bed linens and even more fun having your guests to stay!! xx


I love this!! How special that your husband made it too. I would love to curl up on one of those bunks with a good book. Fun!


'Tis true, Dee! Our boys had bunk beds in their room back in Texas, too. Maybe I should require my guests to change their own sheets?...Nah. ;)


Thank you, Amy! You would think John's projects would stop amazing me, but no. Yes, I think the ladder is my favorite, too, and I'm having fun decorating those cubbies! :)


Betsy, I love that John made these, too! And I agree with you about wanting to curl up with a good book. In fact, my kids have already declared that they want to be the ones to break the bunks in with a camp out. Good times! :)

Bobbie D.

Wow so awesome. Way to go Tim ;)
I didn't even know bunks could be homemade. Ya'll saved a bundle. And they are so much nicer than store bought.


Now this is a classy bunkhouse! I love what John has done, and can imagine many folks enjoying his handiwork! As a kid I used to love to hang blankets up around my bunk bed and curl up to read...imagining that I was in a bunk of a sleeper car on a train! :) xx


Bobbie, FINALLY getting some time to sit down and reply to your sweet comment! The bunks have turned out better than I hoped, and yes, we did save so much by having John build them. It feels good to finally be getting something fixed up here! :)


Gracie, I love the mental picture of a little girl pretending to be in the bunk of a sleeper car! It really does fit perfectly here, where the Old West is still alive in the folklore. Trains, stagecoaches, and the Pony Express. :)

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