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that quotation is just lovely! as are your pictures! love the quilts, pillows... and all that lovely food, YUM! God bless you all and keep you in His peace!!! love seeing your home, family and beautifully homemade multitude of loveliness!


What a lovely summer, all in one post!

I thought the cherries on the quilt were perfect, until I saw the baby on the quilt, which was even better. :)

Amy at love made my home

What a wonderful summer you have had! The photos of the hummingbirds are incredible! I hope that autumn will bring lots of wonderful things your way too! xx


random but chock full of happiness!! Love seeing your days from your camera's view.


I love everything about these photos - to me the epitomise what I think and American summer is. Adirondack chairs, cherries, wild flowers and endless blue skies. Love the hummingbirds - they are something we don't have in New Zealand. Thanks so much for sharing these with me.


Thank you for sharing all this beauty! The pictures of the humming birds are especially amazing. And I love your wide and dramatic skies!


I agree with the others! Those hummingbirds are wonderful! I can't imagine ever being inside during a summer in your town!

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