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Carolyn Courville

Makes me miss snowy winters!

Amy at love made my home

Sounds wonderful apart from the tears for Charlotte! So sad! I am so with you on all of the business stuff, highs and lows, so much to learn and take in as well as actually making and producing the things you are selling and like you I have ideas going round in my head and just cannot catch them fast enough. I am so glad for you that you are off to such a great start!! Keep enjoying the snow while it lasts, and gosh, those fries, sounds like heaven on a plate!!! xx


What a precious memory you made with Emma. When our Elisabeth was four we took her to see the movie, Bambi. She was sitting between my husband and me and when Bambi's mother died, Elisabeth burst into loud sobs. My husband and I looked at each other in horror. What had we done!?! But it was a precious time as we tried to comfort her but also mourned with her.[She is a nurse at the VA hospital in Portland now] I am so glad you are enjoying skiing as a family and pray you will continue to do so safely. Please give Molly dog some love pats from me. xx


Yes, Amy, you do totally understand! :) Wishing you great success!!! *hugs*


Aw, yes, Bambi is another one of those! Thank you for your prayers, and as always, for Molly's love pats!!! *hugs*


Carolyn, I think of you as I look out my windows at all the snow! *hugs*

Bobbie D

Such beautiful pics as always. Don't get me started on Charlotte, I still wish I had never read that book, I still get teary eyed. Lol!! Many blessings on your new quilting adventure. So excited for you.


Thank you so much, Bobbie! *hugs* :)

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