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oh, I am so sorry for such sickness! we had Influenza B and I was worried that my husband would get pneumonia, so sorry it hit your house! it's been a bad winter it seems for this.... husband lost over 10 lbs from it. lovely pictures. may the foxes be friendly only and always to you. God bless and keep you all!


Yes, Elizabeth! I am glad to be past that! Don't want to do that again. :b Oh, your sweet fox sentiment...I'll take it! Thank you, Sweet Elizabeth. God bless you and yours! *hugs*


Oh the fox is adorable!! Such a treat. Will have to think about that app, maybe for a light dinner.


Chrisknits, they really are SO adorable! And what a great idea serving the naan for a light dinner. Of course, with this crew I'd have to triple the recipe! ;) *hugs*


Gorgeous photos of the snow, although I'm glad ours has all melted except on the peaks around us. I like looking at it from a distance but dislike shoveling intensely so I'm glad it's gone. In fact, it is 84 degrees here today! I am enthralled with your foxes. How amazing it is that they are beginning to trust you. But the Bears. We were camping Monday and Tuesday and a bear walked through our campground. They do scare me because you never know what they might decide to do. Love the recipe. It looks yummy.


I love your Foxy stories. We don't have them in New Zealand, so it is always a treat to see them. Those Naan pizzas look delectable, will definitely be trying those with my family. Hope you start getting some warmer spring weather soon.


I remember second winters! You captured beautiful photos of yours. Mt. Hood here in Oregon seems to protect me from the reality of second winters here in the valley. It catches the Spring snow so that I don't have to worry about it and I can just admire it resting on Mt. Hood. I am so sorry you were ill, Lisa, and so glad you are feeling better! While I never saw a fox in Colorado, one small one did venture through our garden on the west bank of the Hudson River in NY. I was so excited then, and love the photos and stories you shared of your fox visitors now. Thanks for sharing the yummy looking recipe :) Hope you are enjoying quilting and your other creative adventures xxxxxxx


Oh, I love this!!!

Bobbie D

Oh my, had no idea ya'll were getting more snow. So beautiful, love the pics. And the fox is so cool. Sorry you have been sick. My daughter 19, came down with the chickenpox. She was very sick for two weeks. Now she is playing catch-up with college finals.

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