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So far I have not had yarn that was unpleasantly odiferous, but I have had material that was, and I was not able to rid it of the problem. I'm glad you were able to salvage the yarn, because your knitting is absolutely beautiful! I admire your skill, Lisa. xx


beautiful sweater!!! I soak in a scented wool wash that doesn't need rinsing so then the smell of wet wool is mixed with pleasantness. I think cascade 220 has a LOT of chemicals in it...I knit with it often and it has more odors than other wools. Love your shawl too :)


Beautiful sweater! I love sweaters but have never knitted one. I should! I am not familiar with the smell. I hope it goes away! I love the shawl as well. The white color makes it look elegant and timeless.


I am amazed! I love that sweater and the pattern. A classic cardigan and beautiful detailing on the back. I've knit the farmhouse several times but it always ends up being given away to someone who claims it while I'm knitting it. Maybe someday I'll keep one for myself.


Both so beautifully knitted. Can only wonder about the dye. I've not found plain/natural wool to be offensive when wet. Interesting.


Thank you, Sweet Gracie! Much love and many hugs! :)


Karen, ahhh...must be the chemicals and/or dye! It helps to know that others have noticed the same. I also soak in a scented wool wash, but this wool didn't take it! Thank you so much! *hugs* :)


Thank you so much, Desiree! :) Sweater knitting is my favorite! I knit my first one, and then couldn't stop. The smell is completely gone (yay!), so I am enjoying the sweater. Thank you so much for your kind comment! :)


Awww, thank you so much, Betsy! The sweater really is turning out to be a great basic wardrobe staple. :) I can totally see why you have knit several Farmhouses...wonderful, peaceful knitting, and no wonder people keep claiming them. I hope you do get the chance to knit one for yourself. You deserve it! *hugs*


Crazy Sheep Lady, I have to assume that the offending odor is from the dye and/or chemicals. If I had to guess, I would say that you have never gotten that smell because you knit with the "good stuff"...Maisie, Baaxter, Hershey...those sweet sheep could never stink!!! ;) *hugs*

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