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Carolyn Courville

Lisa, you are a breath of fresh air! You say the things we all wish we could express. The honesty is so refreshing. I am sorry times have been a little difficult, but you are emerging stronger. It is very easy to push yourself into the background, but do remember to do the special things for you that give you joy. I look forward to every one of your posts. More often than not, I finish reading with tears in my eyes, because the way you express things touches me. Thank you for doing this. You are in my prayers.


What a wonderful post. I love how you give God the glory for everything. When we face hardships, and we will, He will always be with us. I loved the gorgeous job your husband did on the shower. I have to tell you that our daughter and son-in-law had glass doors on their shower in Portland, Oregon. They moved to Maryland a few years ago and had a house built and purposely chose NO door on their shower and they have a curtain like yours instead. She says it's much, much easier to keep clean. Just throw in the laundry and it's clean. The shower doors never looked clean no matter what they did. The animal photos are amazing. I love Colorado. We live in Washington State and have beautiful mountains too, but not like yours. Thank you for your candidness and your sharing of your heart with us.


Carolyn, I wish I could have somehow known you as a friend when I was just a little girl, although I really did love knowing you as my friends' sweet mom just the same! Thank you for your love and support. Sending you a big, big hug. <3


Betsy, I pray often these days that God will allow me to see Him in the everyday gifts He brings. Those gifts are so comforting! I love it that your daughter is happy with her curtain, too! Yes, those glass doors are no fun to clean. Thank you so, so much for your encouragement. It means so much! *hugs*


What a lovely, honest post. Life is hard and the wearing details can feel so defeating when we are in the thick of them. God is good and sends small (and sometimes big) reminders of His steadfast love. I also find them often in nature; a heron sighted, a ripe tomato, a gorgeous thundercloud, the cuddle of a new kitten.
Your shower is beautiful and I think I would prefer the curtain to the door anyway. The tiling is gorgeous. Well done! I hope hope your roof is done very soon and that you have a little room to breathe afterward.


That bear, that deer, those roses. So much loveliness in your own backyard. I feel for you with your roof dramas, we are waiting for insurance to be finalised after a small flood in my sewing room/computer room. Small in comparison to your dramas, still stressful and messy for me. Fingers crossed it is all will be fixed soon for you.

I must remember that, yes, Life is hard, but God is good.


O dear, those contractors! so sorry!!! that would be hard! Good to take care of yourself; I know it is not easy to do! That shower looks great! God bless and have mercy on you! and your family and home!


bear!!! I saw one on a walk the other day but luckily it was a baby and he ran in one direction into the woods and I turned around and walked quickly away from him :) Frodo though desperately wanted to "meet" him. Loved your post and your thoughts good luck on the business adventure and juggling children, home and well, life. They grow so quickly!!


I love your posts. The bathroom is GORGEOUS! John did a fantastic job. Everything outside of the roof debacle (and the peri-menopause) sounds and looks so peaceful. I love that you find the beauty and joy in your surroundings. Love you.


Love the car scene with your daughter. Hilarious! The shower is awesome. Husband did a great job! We are our own worst critics. That's sad. Just found your blog and look forward to reading more.


You always write right to my heart.

Carolyn Courville

I feel like we might have been good friends, too. Possibly soul mates separated by a generation.

Lauren Clark

Love reading your precious things. Just so you will know, you and I are "kindred spirits". I am a chicken neck person too! But I did come to understand that when Jesus said "Love your neighbor as yourself", he was focusing on loving others, but he did indicate that we must love ourselves too. I like that! I think it is just that if we are able to nourish the person we are (first),it shows that we are grateful to our creator and value what he values. Then, we will be better equipped to know what feel and need, and meet that with compassion! Jesus was pretty smart!
Love you,


So much going on for you! A lovely, busy summer. I can't blame you for wanting to dance and sing to Taylor Swift, you know your daughter must be doing it all behind her bedroom door, dancing and singing away. It's funny how teenagers don't want their moms to have fun!


Sarah, wishing you tons and tons of little reminders of how loved you are! *hugs*

P.S. - I started watching Stranger Things after you mentioned it in your Yarn Along post. What a wild ride! I keep making the mistake of starting an episode late in the evening...it's too late in the day for me to binge watch! 3 more to go!


Julie, I hope that you are able to get all of the details worked out on your flood...and in your sewing room! (No fair!) I'm so sorry you are having to deal with that. Thank you for being so understanding! *big hugs* :)


Thank you, Elizabeth! You are always so, so kind! God bless you and yours, as well! *hugs* :)


Aw, Karen! I have yet to see a baby bear. Of course, we are always told that if you see a baby, get away...mama bear is not far behind! :) I can just imagine Frodo's excitement. I truly hope I never run into a bear while I'm out with Molly...she would want to stay and socialize, too! Is it a terrier thing maybe? :) *hugs*


Thanks, Sweet Jeanell! You are right...it is beautiful. I know you understand about the mountains here. Good for what ails you! Love you back! *hugs* :)


Thank you so much, Karen! Yes, my daughter is a hoot sometimes! So glad you stopped by! *hugs* :)


Oh, CrazySheepLady...that's how I feel about you, your farm, your sheep. *hugs* <3


Carolyn, I completely agree! :)


Laurie, such a beautiful perspective! And not one that I have considered. Thank you. Perhaps being raised in ministry has added to the idea that I must always care for others above myself. Your reminder is timely! *hugs* :)

P.S. - I'm not surprised to know that we are Kindred Spirits! Love you!


Julie, so true! Ha! Someday they figure out that we are not just parents, but actual PEOPLE! ;) *hugs*


LOL, I did read this post too. In fact I was wondering how much your husband charges to do showers!!! I love what you did. And I prefer the curtain to a door any day. Curtains can be changed out with decor, doors just get gummy and worn.

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