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you have been a very busy knitter!! love your sweaters and the poncho!!


Thank you, Karen! :) Knitting seems to be the only thing that I have been able to consistently keep up with this summer. Could be worse, right?! ;) *hugs*


I love all of your projects, but that red sweater is simply amazing!


Oh my, these are just lovely! I have been following your knitting on ravelry when you post things because your taste is some of my very favorite of all the ravelry friends I have. I can't decide whether your Bing or your Ponchetta is my favorite here but I would love to replicate them both. I'm really considering finding the same yarn and making that Ponchetta- it looks like just the kind of thing I would like wearing but have nothing like it in my wardrobe! Beautiful Lisa!


What talent! All so lovely!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I just was checking in this morning and saw it.


All of these are so lovely and even better, they look so comfy!


Rachel, thank you so much! I'm so glad you stopped by! *hugs* :)


Sweet Sarah! We do have the same taste in knits, it seems! I thought the same about the Ponchetta. I saw a lady in the grocery store here wearing a poncho last autumn, and I thought, "Why don't I have a poncho already?!" I liked working with both of the Berroco yarns for Bing and Ponchetta, and they were each affordable options. Yay! *hugs* :)


You're so welcome, Kimberly! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Hope you are having a good summer! :)


wow! so beautiful!!! those colours, patterns and the simple jewelry and beautiful white shirt with!!!! so lovely and classic! you make beautiful things! well done for figuring out what works also for your where you live and your skin!


These all are amazing...although I had to chuckle just a bit.....the cape cod! (love the pattern!!!!) where you said you would love wearing it on cool summer evening!!! Around here that is simply an oxymoron! No such thing----and then we just came back from Cape Cod (apparently bringing our heat and humidity with us to the Cape), where there was near 90 degrees and no a/c!!!

You are going to live in that poncho this fall....love it!!!


Thank you, Elizabeth! You are always so encouraging! Yep, I am hoping to have figured out the wool/bareskin issue. If only I could cure the eczema! *hugs* :)


Steph, SO funny! I lived near the Gulf Coast outside of Houston until just 3 years ago. I used to see these beautiful spring/summer sweaters in catalogs and think, "Who wears this stuff?" Haha!!! I totally get it! And oooooohhhhh....90 degrees and humidity with no a/c??? That's just not right! *hugs* :)


such lovely, lovely knitting! Thank you for stopping my my yarn along contribution today and for the kind words. :) Had fun peeking at a few of your other posts and see you live a charmed, woodland life like I do. My foothills are nowhere near as high in altitude as your mountains, but we are visited regularly by deer and the occassional black bear. Hope you find a remedy for that pesky eczema soon! xo


Aww, thank you, Lisa! We are the luckiest, aren't we?! I bookmarked your blog earlier today so that I can go back and read more about Dole Valley. I noticed you have a hummingbird story that I must read. Oh, they are my favorites! *hugs* :)


Such lovely pieces. Many are now queued up on Rav for me!


Thanks, Chris! Don't you love finding like-minded knitters through Yarn Along?! *hugs* :)


It is such a joy to see your beautiful work: photos, writing, stitches, Lisa! Thanks for posting!

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