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stephanie o young

look at all you have going on!!! WOW~~~ I have a refrig full of strawberries left over from making jam. I think that tart is going to be dessert tonight! THanks for the inspiration.


Stephanie, you are always so encouraging and kind. Thank you for that! And enjoy that strawberry tart!!! :)


Ha! I just discovered "Escape to the Country" last week and am on episode 20! I also like the Bake Offs. It is lovely to have a catch up with you, Lisa. I had a blogging pause for a few months. It was so much fun laughing my way through your newspaper report :) Your stitching efforts are beautiful! And oh that glorious Colorado scenery with your sweet family enjoying it...perfection! xx


Aren't those thatched-roof cottages on "Escape to the Country" just the best?!!! Thank you, thank you for your continued love and support, Gracie. I'm so glad you were able to take a break yourself! *hugs* :)


Love the pictures. Food looks incredible! The sweaters are just too awesome. That snow picture is amazing! No wonder Colorado has your heart!You are so adorable! I just wish I could hug you! 😘


I just wish I could hug you back, Becky! One day we will have to sit down and have some tea and scones together. <3 *hugs*

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