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Lisa Morris

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. They are filled with sunshine, love, inspiration, gratitude and faith.

I've thought about you often over the summer and wondered if you made it to Texas for a visit. I do hope so given the onslaught of Harvey! The last month has been stressful due to the hurricane and worrying about family and friends in the path of the storm. I know you have family and friends in Houston and I pray they are well and surviving the devastation. My daughter and her family live in Victoria, TX. They evacuated to my sister's house in Plano and her husband stayed to protect the home. Thankfully, he weathered the storm and there was minimal damage to the hotuse.

And in the midst of the hurricane, there were so many fires in the western states! A few weeks ago, the smoke was visible in central Colorado. The news attributed the smoke to fires in the northwest. Little did I know of the Deep Creek and Big Red fires near Steamboat Springs.

I think of you often and pray that you and your family are doing well.

Take care and hugs.

Shirley Votaw

Awww...how much is that doggie in the window! So cute! Beautiful pictures. You make me wish I lived there, but no beach & it snows.🙁


So lovely. I took the exact same eclipse shadow pictures, I'm not kidding, they look identical. Wasn't that beautiful? I love that picture of your blue dishware with the cherries (?) - it looks peaceful and quiet like I am wishing for right now. Happy fall, Lisa.

Lauren Clark

I recognize those cool half-moon shadows! I took a photo on my phone during the eclipse because I thought the shadows were so unique! Your pic is better,...well all of these pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

Carolyn Courville



Beautiful, as always!

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